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Hello everyone, Hope you all are well & doing good. I know that we need to keep Jerry Strickland & Barbara Strickland in our prayers. Jerry Strickland had a stroke, but hear he is coming along. It will be a long road for him. Hope he is back to riding soon. Also understand Jerry Taylor is doing better and back to getting to ride some. For all the others that are under the weather please keep them in your thoughts. I also know Doug Reeves hurt his shoulder & he is out of riding for awhile, however he is looking forward to when he can ride again.


Ok, we have a general membership meeting coming up in January. Hope everyone is thinking about new officers, I for one am needing a break.  I have been doing the article for several years and I have so much going on with my business and other things I am doing, my grandson being back in Arkansas now I need for someone else to take over the duties of Secretary and reporter. Tina Taylor would also like for someone else to be President. She has been president for the last six years and is ready for a break also.  She also has a lot going on in her life and someone else needs to hold this office. Everyone needs a break and we are ready for someone else to step up and hold these offices.  Please think about who you would like to have as officers and board members. 


Cowboy Up, Sept 19 & 20,

We had a beautiful day for a ride on Saturday Sept 19th, with 10 riders, Butch Penney, Doug Reeves, Rick Morris, Tina Taylor, Noah Grady,  Sherry Resecker, Tamra and Rodney Bardwell, Sherry's daughter & son-in-law, Marilyn and Ray,  wonderful folks. We rode the yellow, blue and green trail, it was absolutely beautiful. We did get into ground bees several times and had to really move out with our horses. Several horses got stung, but not one person got stung.  The creek with the steps was a little slick, but we all made it fine crossing it.  Some got off their horses and let them go up and then got back on.  We also rode the red trail back and just enjoyed a different route. We had a lunch in a great place, but not much water there, but enough for the horses to get drinks if they needed it.

Butch, Doug, Tina and Noah spent the night and had a wonderful meal for supper. They roasted hot dogs, had cornish hens and other good fixins, pork'n beans and green beans. to go with it. Marilyn had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Butch always get up before the sun and the next day was no exception.  As he sat quietly in the dark enjoying the warm fire, a fellow camper got up to feed his horses.  His dog came sniffing around where the food had been the night before – the dog thought he was alone until Butch snapped on his flashlight – the dog went straight up about 30 feet, yelping and running back to his own camp where he finally felt brave enough to begin barking.  Pretty funny sight.  Rick stayed with Noah and Tina on Friday night and Doug stayed with Butch – Doug really enjoyed getting up to that early morning fire.  After breakfast, the riders took off for the blue, gray and black trails.  The black trail is really a nice trail winding around creeks and beautiful places.   Thank you Butch Penney for hosting the ride for ATRA. It was lots of fun.  Looking forward to the next time.  Submitted by Sherry L Resecker & Barbara Penney                                                                                                


Bear Creek, October 3

The weather was great for the trail ride, and the fall colors were starting to appear.  The gravel road in from the highway, had been graded a couple of weeks earlier (no potholes but a lot of dust), as noted by a local squirrel hunter at the trailhead.  The road was probably graded for the deer hunters, coming in the near future.   Most creek crossing were very dry, but some pools remained with clear cold water.  Spider webs, with spiders, were in plentiful supply, which was not a plus for Little Pete or myself.  Forest thinning has provided an increased view of the terrain, and it may provide field of fire for the deer hunters.  Only one trail blockage was noted, and I could have easily cleared it, if I had remembered to bring my machete.  This is a good trail for the first timers, as it is well marked with yellow plastic strips.  We can thank Trudy and Charlie for this, as they have put in a lot of effort over several years.  Looking to see everyone on a later ride.   Provided by that old half-ass rider, Walter Red.   


Hwy 65 Bridge to Baker's Ford, October 10.

What a wonderful day we had for riding, the weather was amazing and we had 8 riders, Walter Red on his mule, Molly, Suzanne Hicks, Linda Horton, Sherry Resecker, Katie, Ernest and Michael Smith and a new gentleman by the name of Paul Rainey.  We had 4 on Quarter horses and 3 on gaited horses and one special mule.  We had one little scare with ground bees and not sure if they were really there or not, but didn't take any chances.  No one got stung and don't think any equine got stung.  We also saw plenty of hog signs and sometimes the horses smelled them, not liking them, but not doing anything to get anyone hurt.  We had lunch at Baker's Ford and crossed the Buffalo River there and came back a different way than we did last year. When we crossed the river, Ernest Smith cut down some limbs for us to be able to get up the trail without any problems. A big thank you to Ernest Smith for doing this for us. Michael Smith also helped with that too. Sometimes we let different ones lead and just enjoyed talking and visiting with each other.  Since I wasn't sure of that way back, Katie or Ernest Smith would tell us where to turn. Some of this was old road riding, but totally different scenery. We got to see an old home place with a note that was carved in the door telling when the folks left there. It said they left in 1927 or 1928 and the old house was still standing, none of us went inside, but it was something to see that is still there with no one living there anymore.  After we saw the old home place we rode on to the old rode that took us back to the trails to go back to the trailers.  Paul Rainey wants to ride more with us and he said he really enjoyed the ride.  We had a wonderful day of riding and couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks to Sherry L Resecker for hosting this ride. Submitted by Sherry L Resecker


Hope you all have your hay in for the winter season and getting ready to winterize your trailers.  Let’s hope we get to ride this winter and have a great rest of the year.  Please be thinking about the new officers and board members you want to elect, because ATRA is needing some new officers.  More to follow on the meeting in January. This meeting will be at Burns Park Hospitality House on the 3rd Saturday in January.

This will also be a potluck meal, lots of good food and desserts, so lets have a good turnout for this meeting.  Please, everyone attend that can, we need all we can to be there.

If you have anything you want to have put in the Roundup, please email me, resecker@tcworks.net or send it to Tina hammer@cyberback.com or give one of us a call. My number is 501-350-6980 and Tina's number is listed with the ride calendar.

Till next time, Happy Trails and Great Riding.





Suzanne Hicks, Linda Horton & Ernest Smith checking 

out an old house                                                             


Walter Red on Molly letting her drink from the river



Katie Smith and Paul Rainey








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