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Here we are getting into Spring and hopefully lots of riding, if the weather permits.  Tina is hoping some folks will host some rides, because she isn't going to be able to do that many because she is going to be gone doing ACTHA rides and Sherry Resecker is also doing them.  We both have a great time doing these obstacle course rides and working with our horses.  These rides are going to be in Arkansas more this year, so we won't have to be traveling so far.

ATRA had its January meeting and some wonderful food.  For the ones that were there, thanks so much for the delicious dishes and desserts you brought.  As always, the food was great and so was the fellowship.  This was one of the lowest attendance meetings we have had, I think since I have joined ATRA.  We had our election of officers and board members and they are as follows:  President, Tina Taylor, Vice President, Butch Penney, Secretary, Sherry L Resecker, Treasurer, Rick Morris.  Board Members are:  Denis Fleming, Suzanne Hicks, Tamara Laffoon, Cindy Fonken, Walter Red, Mary Finch. Thanks to all the ones that are serving as officers and board members. Rick Morris is Tad Morris' son and we are very lucky to have him with us in ATRA, and now serving as Treasurer, he is

a great asset to our club, and thanks very much Rick for accepting the position.  Tina Taylor is still the Ride Chairman, so get with Tina to host your rides.  James Keene is our Mileage Chairman and has been for many years, he is very much appreciated for all he does keeping the mileage each year and getting the awards ready for the meeting in January. 


James gave out awards at the meeting and the awards given were High Mileage Rider, Tina Taylor, and her horse Houdini was high mileage horse.  Walter Red received his 2000 mile award plaque and will be getting a denim shirt with the ATRA logo, so he can put his patches on it.  Sherry L Resecker received a 2500 mileage plaque and James mentioned that in all his years with ATRA this was the first one that has ever been given out.  Congrats to all the awards to the ones that received them.  These folks made lots of rides over the year and the ones with the 2000 and 2500 miles made lots of rides over the years.  A big congratulations goes out to them. 


January 24th, 2015

Camp Robinson Ride:  There were 3 people on this ride, Tina Taylor, Rick Morris, & Tamara Laffoon.  Tina led the ride, riding 7 miles. The ride was easy, riding the around the lake and watching one of the fellows work with his dog. Tina showed off with doing some side passing.  The ride was very nice, seeing lots of deer, and wildlife for the day.  Hated to miss this ride, but other things took place and I couldn't get there.  Rick Morris said the ride was lots of fun and enjoyable.  Thanks to Tina for hosting this ride and thanks to Rick Morris for helping me write this ride report.





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