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ATRA, Inc. is a statewide organization that is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, and promotion of trails and campgrounds for use by horsemen in the state of Arkansas and throughout the United States. We promote and support all facets of the horse industry and trail riding. We sponsor activities to promote proper ways to condition and care for distance mounts and promote the breeding of mounts possessed of the stamina and correctness necessary for successful distance riding.

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President: Tina Taylor, president@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Vice President: Joe Harris, vicepresident@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Secretary: Sherry Resecker, secretary@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Treasurer: Rick Morris, treasurer@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Board Members:

Term expires:

Jan 2016 Denis Fleming, boardmember1@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Jan 2016 Tamara Laffoon,

Jan 2017 Walter Red, III, boardmember3@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Jan 2017 Mary Finch, boardmember4@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Jan 2015 Butch Penney, boardmember5@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Jan 2015 Suzanne Hicks, boardmember6@arkansastrailridersassoc.com


Roundup Reporter: Sherry Resecker, roundupreporter@arkansastrailridersassoc.com,                                                        alternate: Tina Taylor, president@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Mileage/Volunteer Work: James Keene, mileagehost@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Pleasure Rides: Tina Taylor, ridehost@arkansastrailridersassoc.com

Trails Council:

Horse Council:

Historian: Mary Cooper

ATRA Bylaws

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